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won re-election - Justice of the Peace - P- 29 County Canvassing Board Announces...
P- 29 County Canvassing Board Announces Official Vofe na- iw-i iw-i i or govprnor. . james uarDee woo; j. ti. Niamey, id; waner o a Fraser, 1.330; Spessard L. Hoi Paty. 2,308; Burton Schoepf, 913 I B, .i ,r - ti on. it Ij. rieuencn van iuy, o&, nans Meeting yesterday in Clear water, the county canvassing board of Commission Chairman W. J. Christie, County Judge Jack F. White and Supervisor of Registration W. C. Reid canvassed the returns of Tuesdays' primary and announced the following re- re- suits: For presidential electors group one), Iris Brown, 3,060; H. K. Crews, 1,225; Frank B. Dowling, 6,551; W. C. Minger, 529; Myer O. Sigal. 727; (group two). Paul Appleyard, 7,967; Sam Foor, 2,576; (group three) Malcolm McClel- McClel- lan, 6,097; E. G. (Operator 38) bheppard, 3,99a. For United States senator Charles O. Andrews, 8,960; Jerry W. Carter, 3,298; Charles Francis (Socker) Coe, 864;- 864;- Fred P. Cone, 3,378; O. B. Hazen, 51; Bernarr Macfadden, 4.377, u. rieueriCR van xvuy, m, nan: Walker, 203; Fuller Warren, 1,583 Tru- Francis P. Whitehair, 4,419. - For attorney general, Ed R jvi. Bentley, e,702; Millard B. Co lin, 1,572; E. B. Donnell, 678 d n,rfl. jooo. tt r M. Bentley, 6,702; Millard B. Conk E Watson IK Altl i Lf,mi For comptroller, Frank Brown taia- taia- v A vL o n. pn- Lee, 14,248. For state treasurer, J. Edwin a Larson, 8,051; R. L. (Bob) Rich-seat Rich-seat ard. 2.284: W. M. (Bill) Wain- Wain- wrieht. 5.410. For railroad commissioner. W R. (Babe) Douelass. 7.430: S. C Peacock, 7,094. For state senator, Walter P, Fuller, 8,937: John S. Taylor Jr. 1 1 J.UUVi. For representative in the legis Mature feroun nnol. S Hpnrv Harris, 7.751; J. H. Rodgers, 3,100; victor O. Wehle, 6,838; (grey twni Marv l.mi Rakpr. S.R97 Bur- George W. Hopkins, 6,056; Stanton hey c. Minshall, 6,614. Fnr shpriff S A fCvl Porn I . : ' 3.B99; Todd Tucker, 16,5)23. For tax assessor, Ernest G. in- (Ridy) Ridinger. 5,194; Ralph re- Turner, 5,344; Charles A. Wil- Wil- sen- nnv ovn For supervi.sor of registration, I w Plavio R7 W P iROIv . Reid, 10,520. For member of the mosquito ..i 7: Thomas J. Rowe (deceased) 5,040; R. P. Templeton, ' 9,730; (group tuml :. Viroil r .v. Almnnrf A99- A99- i- 11 ! T .i nnn. ! ,Zl 7' three) Harry McCreary, 6,968; Carl G. Robinson, 7.083. For county commissioner (dis- (dis- fur'; w.- w.- J- J- BIJJ 9"st.ie; 1.175; L. H. Zinsser, 506; (district f vp f h Rfirctf indi- indi- n n - o"yei, u For justice of the peace (dis trict one) John T. Fisher, 3,962; (district two) K. L Baker. 1.463: . V ' J ir. i. irip. i s.r' rvi i, .pnn "Uiiipiu ics, J.oui; oneiaon t. Lindsev. 753: J. A. Walsineham. I . . . ' ' n --, --, --, (district three) Fred Chapin Jr-. Jr-. Jr-. i; ciare wooddell, 255; (district five) Joe'E. Carpenter, 4,-jj; 4,-jj; 4,-jj; j cnandos W. . McMullen, 1,013; Andrew E. Potter, 932; L. u. itamsey, 1,462. ' For constable (district two), Walter Freeze, 1,707; C. P. (Cy Lowery, 3,129; (district three) Jasper S. Pearce, 208; Percy P. Vasbinder, 263;- 263;- (district four) Rufus S. Carey. 812: E. E. GnanA 265; S. E. Mickler, 354; Frank G. Sparkman, 306; (district five) William S. (Bill) Harris. 2.279: Sid M. Saunders. 4.882: E. A. (Smitty) Smith, 61.7. For national Democratic com mitteeman, Allie Bavard Angle, 5,507; W. J. Bivens. 911: Paul A. Brown, 1,713; ,Joe M. Carbrera, 331; Sam Foor, 467; Truman G. Futch, 1.032; R. Herman Jarman, mi; jonn Mathews, 1,051; Perry wan, 24U; uwight L, Rogers. 925 Bill Shayne, 544; Byrd Sims, 710 or national Democratic com mitteewoman, Mrs: Neil Alford 2.J17; Enid Broward Hardee, 3,695 rouy itose, 7.323. Delegates national Democratic convention state at large (men) Robert II. Anderson,; 4,142; Whit Ansiey, H4; Kobert M. Atkins 1.54; Benjamin Axelroad. 904 M. C. Baker, 1,613; Fred M. Bassi hoo; Al li. Block, 764; Harry M Burch, 1,621; H. Clyde Byers. 760 Russel J. Carroll- Carroll- 1.355: Sidnev j. cans jr., 4,aaa; Dan J. Conroy, 510; Rufe Daughtrey, 446; John ixteaj Davis, 4,574: Zach Doue las, 700; Frank B. Dowline. 3 455- 455- i.-iu. i.-iu. i.-iu. tnzgeraid, 623; John R. Gurtler, 3,108; Georce Hoffman. 4,177; John O. Jackson, 1,532; H. O. Right Jr., 668; D. F. Lessey, inn. nr a mm ....... ' uo; w. a. Macwiuiams. 510: E. R. Meitzen, 407; Robert K. Pepper, j,ewis w. Pettewav, 1,757; wweu w. riuman jr., 57; s. p, Robineau, 450; Edward L. Shuler, 334; Dr. W. H. SDiers. 670- 670- T.rn aiainaxer, w, w.- w.- E. Trottman, 313; H. N. (Senator! VValkpr 2,041; Harry W. Zander. 573. ueiegates national Democratic convention state at large (women) Edith Herlong Barfield, 6,837; Mrs. Walter Price Bevis, 5,161; Mrs. Lena Bird. 5.755: Pauline Burke Carr, 4,426; Paola C. Cope-land, Cope-land, Cope-land, 2,197; Hildred Hall McLaughlin, McLaughlin, 2.397: Pearl Pearce 5,684; Mrs. Dave Sholtz. 2700- 2700- Helen Hunt West 3,858: Mrs. W. B. Young, 4,325.- 4,325.- For delegate to national Demo cratic convention First congres sional district (men). R. A. Hen derson Jr., 3,398; George P. Raney, 5,097: John I. Vinev. 3.631: (women) Mary P. Brownell, 2,774; ueorgia Kobles Conger, 3,273; Mary W Drane, 2,360; Mary M. Grady, 3,769. lor member of Democratic executive committee, precinct 10, (committeewoman) Mrs. Jose phine N. Brooks, 59: Mrs. Eva Scroggs, 124. Precinct 15. (committeeman) Dr. T. H. Green, 130; Lawrence Stanfield, 116. Precinct 26, (committeeman! Dr. A. B. McQueen, 99; William Tinsley Jr., Ill, ; Precinct 32. (committeeman) Oliver William Hewitt, 143; Herbert Herbert B. Schneider, 88, Precinct 36 (committeewoman), Angus E. May, 369; Robert M. xates, ia7. Precinct 36, (committeewoman, Mrs. Ada D. May, 324; Mrs. Cora u. Murphy, 147, Precinct 37. (committeeman) H. B. Barlow, 113; C. Roy Torrin, 23; Walter Williams, 172. . Precinct 50, (committeeman) Raymond H. Brandon, 59; Fred Clark, 31; Harry ,J. Fisher, 74. Precinct 54, (committeeman) Edwin W. Grenelle, 103; Thomas Hamiyon, 232. Precinct 58 (committeeman) Lee L. Baker, 116; Dan Stout-amire, Stout-amire, Stout-amire, 139. Precinct 60 (committeeman) C. L. Ditto, 154; T. C. Wilson, l. Precinct 63, (committeeman) C. 175; G. rj. A. Samuelson, Wooddell, 111. Precinct 64 (committeeman) R J. Black, 38; Levi Liberman, 46. Precinct 65, (committeeman) V II. (Bill) King, 114; E. C. Lip-sey, Lip-sey, Lip-sey, HI. Precinct 69, (committeeman) Kooert DUlard, 54; Paul W. Stin son, 146. Precinct 71 frnmmitfppurnmanV Mrs. Elsie Lee, 143; Mrs. Gladys iuictuer, ESSEN BOMBED LONDON. un A German radio broadcast heard here earl:,; today said fcssen, where the great German Krupp arms works are located, and two other German towns had been bombed by allied planes. r - t ' v a h v " Xi : m HAND IS THE MAN FLORIDA HEEDS at the helm of State affairs the next four years! A VOTE FOR EH rr n FOE GOVEEKfOE IS A VOTE FOR EXPERIENCE A THANKS To my many thousand of ' Pinellas friends who voted for and so loyally supported me in the first primary. To those good citizens interested in clean and honest government, whose able and conscientious candidates have been eliminated, I ask that they join hands with me and carry on to victory on the 28th. .... . .. . . .. The fight has not been won and we all must work diligently in order that the people of our state might be given four years of honest, sincere, capable and progressive service in the governor's office. Faithfully yours, SPESSARD L. HOLLAND. ' PINELLAS CWNTY HOLLAND FOR GOVERNOR CLVBS , (PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT)

Clipped from
  1. Tampa Bay Times,
  2. 12 May 1940, Sun,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 26

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  • won re-election - Justice of the Peace

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